The Professional Touch® Hot-fix Applicator Bead Guides: Tools

Summary Information

Kandi's Professional Touch® Hot-fix Applicator is great for applying Swarovski hotfix crystals and trims.   Use it to personalise jeans, shoes, purses and  other accessories.  Create your own cards.  Add a  sparkle to items such as boxes, clocks and lampshades.  

  • 8 precision tips included - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  and 7 mm and 4 mm and 9 mm flat tips 
  • Free cleaning brush
  • Fitted with UK plug
  • Integrated on-off switch which lights up when on
  • Does not require a support-stand - the perfectly balanced handle will not roll or slide when put down
  • Has the shortest exposed barrel available, allowing more precision as you can work more closely
  • Handle ergonomically designed to minimize hand fatigue with an improved rubberized grip for comfort

The information below includes detailed instructions on how to use the Professional Touch ® Hot-fix Applicator.

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