Czech Glass Beads

Traditional Czech Glass Beads

Traditional Czech glass beads are renowned for their high quality and come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours.

Fire-polished beads

These are one of the best know Czech glass beads and are extremely popular due to their facetted shape and great range of colours.

Czech Glass Pearls

We stock these beads in sizes from 2mm-10mm in nearly 30 colours.

Czech Crystal Bicones

These crystal bicones or "suncut" bicones are very high quality crystal with regular and sparkling facets.

Czech Multi-hole Beads

Multi-hole beads have become very popular in the last few years and have opened up many new  and creative design options.

The CzechMates Beading System

This is one of the most popular ranges available and includes the very popular crescents, cabochons and tiles.  The latest bead is the CzechMates diamond beads.

Les Perles par Puca

This is another well-known range which includes the Kheops, Arcos and Amos par Puca beads. 

Other popular multi-hole beads include DiamonDuos and Zoliduos.

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