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Preciosa Crystal is a very long-established Czech company which is renowned for its production of a wide range of high quality crystal beads, pendants, pearls and stones.

We import a large range from Preciosa Crystal which are available in retail and wholesale packs at very competitive prices.

Preciosa Crystal Beads and Pendants

Preciosa Crystals machine-cut beads and pendants are expertly crafted and come in a sparkling assortment of classic shapes of very high quality.

We have a great range of these very popular bicone crystal beads with over 100 colours in the most popular sizes.

Preciosa Crystal Nacre Pearls

Created to look and feel like the real thing, Preciosa Nacre Pearls contain a crystal core coated in several layers of nacre which gives them their signature silky-smooth finish..

We stock a full range of the most popular sizes in the round pearls including pearl effect, pearlescent and gem finishes.  We also have some beautiful peardrop pearls and will shortly be adding a range of pearl cabochons.

Preciosa Crystal Flatback Stones

These flatback stones come in hotfix and no hotfix versions and have amazing sparkle and durability.  Their Chaton Rose MAXIMA can reflect upto 264 rays of light making it the world's most brilliant flatback.

The Preciosa hotfix flatback stones feature a special low-melting-point adhesive that guarantees easy and precise application to a variety of textiles.

The Preciosa no-hotfix flatback stones have a highly resistant, multilayer foiling that protects each stone against damage and enhances its brilliance.  They are easily applied to various carrier materials with a suitable glue.

Preciosa Crystal Sew-on Stones

The assortment of one-hole and two-hole stones are ideal for embroiderers and come in a range of classic shapes including the popular loch rose.

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