Pony Beads

Creative Beadcraft is the leading UK distributor for Pony Beads and Novelty Beads from The Beadery, USA

Pony Beads

Creative Beadcraft has a huge range of pony beads including the best-selling barrel pony beads

In addition to our standard stock, additional colours and shapes of pony beads and also novelty beads are available as special orders.

Extra discount is now available for pre-order of whole cases.  Please see prices on our website  

The most popular shape is the traditional barrel pony beads which come in a wide range of single colours and mixes.  The barrel pony beads are available in a variety of finishes including opaque, pearl, neon, transparent and sparkle.  

We also have a great choice of other pony beads shapes including flowers, stars, butterflies and hearts.

 BARREL PONY BEADS                                                                               BUTTERFLY PONY BEADS


 STAR PONY BEADS                                                                                    HEART PONY BEADS


  FLOWER PONY BEADS                                                                            PONY BEADS IN MIXED SHAPES