Super Category Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski Xilion rose bicones, facetted round beads, cubes, briolettes, skulls and other beads

Super Category Swarovski Crystal Pendants

Swarovski Crystal Pendants

Includes Swarovski hearts, flowers, butterflies, stars, edelweiss and cross tribe pendants

Super Category Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Swarovski crystal pearls and crystal pearl bow metal caps

Super Category Swarovski Flatbacks Hotfix

Swarovski Flatbacks Hotfix

Swarovski Xilion rose hotfix and other shapes including rimmed flatbacks

Super Category Swarovski Flatbacks No Hotfix

Swarovski Flatbacks No Hotfix

Swarovski Xilion rose flatbacks no hotfix and other shapes

Super Category Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones

Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones

Includes lochrosen and rivoli sew on stones and oval, navette, pear and round sew-on stones

Super Category Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones

These stones have pointed backs % include oval rivolis, hearts, pears, ovals & squares and sew-on settings

Super Category Swarovski Rose Montees

Swarovski Rose Montees

Swarovski rose montees - round flatback stones in settings

Super Category Swarovski Round Stones

Swarovski Round Stones

The Swarovski chatons are pointed back stones and include rivolis

Super Category Swarovski Chaton Montees

Swarovski Chaton Montees

Swarovski chaton montees - pointed back round stones in settings

Super Category Swarovski Crystal Buttons

Swarovski Crystal Buttons

Includes rivoli buttons

Super Category Swarovski Becharmed Beads

Swarovski Becharmed Beads

Swarovski BeCharmed beads, BeCharmed pearls, BeCharmed rondelles and BeCharmed pave beads

Super Category SWAROVSKI Crystal Colour Charts & Misc

SWAROVSKI Crystal Colour Charts & Misc

Swarovski colour charts for beads, pendants, pearls, flatbacks, sew-on and round stones or chatons. Also Swarovski organza bags.



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